Future-Proofing Your SaaS: The Power of White Label Analytics

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Join our free webinar to discover the benefits of white-label embedded dashboards, predictive analytics, and reporting for SaaS organizations.

As well as explaining the importance and benefits of white labeling, our expert team will customize our solution live to demonstrate how easy it can be to keep brand continuity.

What to expect

What white-labelling is and why it's important for SaaS organizations.

The benefits of embedded analytics including brand continuity and adoption, customization and more.

A live demonstration of how the Panintelligence product can be white labeled.

The flexibility that the pi Dashboard and pi Reports solutions allowed for our own customisation purposes and that of our customers, made choosing Panintelligence an easy choice. This alongside the variety of deployment options reassured us that we’d made the best decision.

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Q&A session.

Jon Parnell, Minerva Computer Services.

8am PST  l  11am EST  l  4pm UK  l  30 mins

Wednesday 27th September