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Our research found

We are experiencing a transformative shift with generative AI. Customer expectations are changing, and businesses now have the opportunity to leverage AI to drive customer connection at scale."

Yamini Rangan

CEO, HubSpot

The next Salesforce automation or the next finance management… all these categories are going to be revolutionised by the AI technology. There's a lot of hype in our industry. I think [AI] may be underhyped.”

Todd McKinnon

CEO, Okta

SaaS vendor adoption of AI/ML:



Looking into it


Not adopted


AI value or vanity?

How SaaS companies are approaching innovation

In our report, we provide fresh insights into how SaaS vendors are currently integrating or exploring the application of AI, its alignment with their broader innovation and investment strategies, and the obstacles that the SaaS sector must surmount to ensure the responsible and fitting use of this technology.

SaaS innovation review report 2023

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